Laboratory Grade Metalware Set, 5 items

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Brand: EISCO


  • Stainless steel rod (24″ length)
  • Blue or black powder coated support stand base (8″ x 5″)
  • 4 pronged, cork lined burette clamp
  • Metal retort ring (2.5″ diameter)
  • Perfect setup for a every lab

Details: Laboratory Grade Metalware Set – Support Stand (8″ x 5″), Rod (24″ L), Burette Clamp and Retort Ring (2.5″ dia)

(1) Base, (1) Rod, (1) Clamp, (1) Burette Clamp,(1) Retort ring

This premium set includes a stand, rod clamp and ring, all in one packages – eliminating the need to piece together a system for your classroom or lab. Everything is in one box.

Stainless steel rod with a powder coated base provides the perfect setup for any experiment.

Made from high-quality metal.


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