Fenbendazol 222mg, Purity >99%, 30 caps

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  • This product is not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat any human disease. There is no evidence that it can cure or improve any health condition.The only known and approved application of this product: dewormer for farm and household animals
  • Sourced Directly from a GMP-Certified Facility: Each batch of  Fenbendazol is analyzed for purity and quality in a certified third-party laboratory.
  • Third-Party Tested! Premium grade >99% Pure Fenbendazol: Trustful and undeniable purity results. Analysis Report included inside each  Fenbendazol product.
  • No Fillers: There are no fillers in this product. The only ingredient is Fenbendazol. The capsule shells are plant-based.


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