Alpha-Cyclodextrin Pure Powder, 99.5%, 50 Grams

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Alpha-Cyclodextrin Pure Powder, 99.5%, 50 Grams

CAS 10016-20-3

MDL Number MFCD00078207

Cyclodextrins are manufactured by the enzymatic degradation of starch using specialized bacteria. For example, β-cyclodextrin is produced by the action of the enzyme cyclodextrin glucosyltransferase upon starch or a starch hydrolysate. An organic solvent is used to direct the reaction that produces β-cyclodextrin, and to prevent the growth of microorganisms during the enzymatic reaction. The insoluble complex of β-cyclodextrin and organic solvent is separated from the noncyclic starch, and the organic solvent is removed in vacuo so that less than 1 ppm of solvent remains in the β-cyclodextrin. The β-cyclodextrin is then carbon treated and crystallized from water, dried, and collected.

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