Yttrium Metal 99.99% Pure 10 Grams for Element Collection



Brand: Luciteria Science

  • Yttrium metal 99.99% pure
  • Perfect for use in chemistry or for element collection
  • CAS #7440-65-5
  • One of over 80 elements on offer by Luciteria Science

This metal feels lonely in its assigned spot on the periodic table. It would rather be with its cousins down by the rare earths with which it’s always associated in nature.

Like many other rare earth metals, yttrium tends to come with a bizarre surface texture resembling dry lava beds. This metal tends to develop a dark patina over time in air but freshly cut pieces are very white. And speaking of cutting, yttrium send prodigious amounts of sparks when cutting!

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EAN: 0793200509786

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