Verdana Coconut MCT Oil – Fractionated – Kosher Certified Food Grade – 1 Gallon



Brand: Verdana

  • 100% COCONUT DERIVED: Unlike other MCT products, our MCT oils are 100% coconut derived. Verdana coconut MCT oil is pure, genuine 100% coconut derived with no palm oil involved.
  • BUY IN BULK: Don’t settle for less, Verdana allows you to buy in bulk to fulfill all your needs. One gallon of our MCT oil bulk size is value for your money. Get all the benefits of coconut oil without the freezing issue at room temperatures, and our MCT oil has a much longer shelf life.
  • FDA COMPLIANT CONTAINERS: At Verdana our containers are just as impressive as our products. Our containers are FDA compliant, BPA-free and comes with a tamper evident seal. With Verdana MCT oil products, you no longer have to worry about inadequate containers.
  • MCT OIL: MCT oil is a great way to get large concentrations of MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides). Our MCT oils are 100% pure, colorless, odorless and with a very long shelf life. MCT oil has a super-light viscosity, non-greasy feel, and is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients. Unlike unrefined coconut oil, MCT oil has the ability to stay liquid in room temperatures.
  • PERFECT FOR MANUFACTURED GOODS: Whether your manufacturing food, aromatherapy, message, or skin products, our MCT Oil is the perfect product for your needs.

UPC: 040232010149

EAN: 0040232010149

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