Oxalic acid, 500g



Brand: The Science Company®


  • Lab grade, crystal
  • Formula: H2C2O4•2H2O
  • Used in gold refining and rust removal
  • Wood bleach
  • CAS # 6153-56-6

Details: Oxalic Acid, 500g is used in a re-refining process in gold recovery. It is a very selective reducing agent towards gold because it’s salts exclusively reduce gold chloride solutions, producing very high purity (9999 and higher) gold. Another popular use is bleaching and renewing wood to a beautiful natural state. Mix three parts oxalic acid with one part warm water to create a paste. Use the paste on wood stained by water marks. The paste is used as a spot treatment and should not be used to cover an entire surface. Other uses include general metal and equipment cleaner, leather tanning, and bleaching textiles. Rust remover in mineral crystal preparation.


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