Super Lactose Organic Powder Sugar, 0.5 oz



Brand: Sunshine Valley

  • Healthy And Natural Sweetener – Your morning coffee is flavorful and healthy with our healthy lactose powder sweetener. Since it’s a natural milk-derived sweetener, it offers nutrients that keep your body healthy and stable without compromising the taste of your dish.
  • Improves Your Gut Health – Your gut microbes will thank you for nourishing them naturally. Our milk sugar lactose can feed healthy microbes that live inside the body and improve your body weight, gut health, immune health and mental health.
  • Sweeter Brewing – Sipping a bitter beer can be gag-inducing. Make it taste better with Super Lactose homebrew powder. It is fully unfermentable, so adding it to your homebrew beer can enhance its punch by giving it a mild sweetness.
  • Natural Food Stabilizer – Super Lactose powder acts as a stabilizer that maintains the shape and texture of our food. If you love ice creams for the way they are, you must thank these natural stabilizers. They make the food more appealing and enjoyable.
  • 100% Organic Formula – Our powdered lactose sugar consists of naturally-derived compounds from milk solids. The product is entirely free from gluten and synthetic GMOs. It has a low glycemic index, making it a great option for fitness enthusiasts.

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