Silica Aerogel Particles (Frozen Smoke) Worlds Lightest Solid



Color: blue, clear gray


  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Worlds Lightest Solid
  • Nearly 40 times better insulator than fiberglass
  • NASA Uses aerogel on almost all missions
  • This sample is great for fun science experiments and Collections

Details: What you will receive The silica aerogel particles you will be receiving will be in a approximately 5ml glass vial with a gray rubber stopper as shown in the pictures. This is a perfect sample for many science lab experiments. •Aerogel goes by many names blue smoke , solid air, frozen smoke but it’s comely called the world’s lightest known solid. The facts Aerogel is also the word’s most effective thermal insulator, 39 times better than the best fiberglass insulation. NASA uses aerogel to trap space dust from comets aboard the Stardust spacecraft. Beforehand the dust would vaporize on impact with solids and pass through gases, but they can now be trapped in aerogel’s tightly woven Nanostructure. NASA also has used aerogel for thermal insulation in the Mars Rover and space suits. As well as in the US Navy seals suits to keep the divers safe and warm. aerogel is brittle but very strong under presser Aerogel is also extremely hydrophobic. • This is high quality, cheap Aerogel • This sample is great for fun science experiments and Collections Safety Silica based aerogels are not known to be toxic. Although, they are an irritant to the eyes, skin, respiratory tract, Small silica particles can potentially cause silicosis when inhaled. So it’s recommended to wear protective gear including respiratory protection, gloves and safety goggles. Shipping I offer free shipping to the USA; for international buyers shipping is additional.


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