Rotometals Kilo Bismuth Metal 99.99% Premium Grade


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  • Bismuth Chunk (2.2 pounds | 99.99+% Pure) Our Bismuth Chunk is 100% virgin metal (not recycled). We sell this metal in 2.2lb pound (kilo) increments, so if you need 6.6 lbs (3 kilos), you would need to add a quantity of 3 to your cart.
  • USAGE – This bistmuth is of the highest purity that can be used in any application that calls for bismuth. This is a popular metal because the number of ways it can be used and its ease of use. Pure bismuth is also what you would use to make crystals.
  • SIZE/SHAPE – Each piece of bismuth chunk or ingot will be slightly different in size and shape. Generally, its about 2 inches by 3 inches but due to it’s structure it’s not rectangular shaped.
  • BISMUTH SPECIFICATIONS – Atomic Number = 50 | Melting Point (F) = 450 | Atomic Mass= 118.71 | Boiling Point (F) = 4100 | Density (g/cm3) = 7.29 | Analysis: BISMUTH 99.99%

UPC: 749971352670

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