Rhenium Metal 99.95% Pure, Spheres, 1 Gram



Brand: Luciteria Science

  • Rhenium metal 99.95% pure arc melted spheres
  • Min. 1 gram sample weight
  • CAS 7440-15-5
  • One of over 80 elements on offer by Luciteria Science

Extremely rare, extremely hard, extremely corrosion and heat resistant are just some of the ‘extremelies’ we can attach to this element. As a member of the precious metals group it is also far from affordable. Less than 100 tons of rhenium are mined annually and of this amount almost all goes to the hi-tech and military industries where it gets formed into alloys for jet engines and rocket nozzles. Luciteria sources a tiny amount that ordinary people can admire this little-known metal too!

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EAN: 0793200505863

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