Raw Cocoa Butter Deodorized 1 Lb



Color: light yellow to brownish

  • Deodorized version of cocoa butter. It, still, contains the aroma of natural cocoa butter, but odor is less pungent.
  • High in anti-oxidants (like vitamin E) and in essential fatty acids that are nesessary to keep your skin and hair healthy looking.
  • Natural ingredient suitable for natural/green and/or vegan formulations.
  • Great moisturizer/stretch marks preventer. Can be used in all of your DIY cosmetics such as body butter, lip balm, sugar scrubs, face and hair masks. Or use it alone as a beauty remedy
  • Comes in convinient re-sealable, re-usable, microwavable, freezable container.

After being extracted from the cocoa bean cocoa butter under goes deodorizing process where hot steam is injected into butter to “drive off” volatile compounds that are main contributors to the odors of natural ingredients and sometimes can cause allergies in people with sensitive skin. The color is pale yellow to light brownish; but chocolate aroma is faint. Deodorized butter still possesses all of the goodness of the cocoa butter. Butter is solid at the room temperature and must be melted to use as a cosmetics ingredient; it adds stiffness to the finished product.

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