Oxalic Acid – Dafna Brand – 99.6% pure – 10 lb


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Brand: Dafna General Store


  • MSDS included
  • Packed in double bagged 4 mil resealable bags for easy and safe handling
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Details: Here are some uses of Oxalic acid. 1. Bleaching Oxalic acid can be used as a bleaching agent for wood and stone. Wood, when exposed to weather elements turn into gray. When Oxalic acid is applied on an old and graying wood floor, it brings back the wood floor’s natural white color. Oxalic acid is used in preparation for staining old wood floors. It is also used by furniture manufacturers to lighten heavily stained areas of wood furniture as preparation for refinishing. 2. Removing Stains Oxalic acid effectively removes mustard, ink, various food stains and other types of stains. Oxalic acid is a gentle stain remover that eats the stain but leaves the base surfaces such as wood, intact. You can use Oxalic acid to remove most stains found on stone, brick, linoleum, wood and vinyl surfaces. However, do not use Oxalic acid if your flooring is sealed as Oxalic acid will eat through the finishing. 3. Removing Rusts Oxalic acid is also used to remove rusts that are commonly found on plumbing pipes and kitchen countertops. Although you can also use Oxalic acid to remove stains from fabrics such as linen and cotton, it will take a lot of time to remove the stains with Oxalic acid that it is better to have your fabrics dry cleaned instead. Oxalic acid is also a major ingredient found in commercial rust removers for sinks, tubs and metal rust stains. 4. Other Uses Aside from rust removing, stain removing and bleaching, Oxalic acid is also used as a reducing agent in developing photographic film. You can also find Oxalic acid used in wastewater treatment since Oxalic acid can effectively remove calcium from wastewater.

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