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  • A centuries-old remedy for common health and home concerns that still proves effective today!
  • Two cups of Epsom salt in a bath can help ease stress, muscle pain, headaches, hardened arteries, athlete’s foot, nasal congestion, skin blemishes, and a number of other ailments.
  • Use it around the house to keep pests out of your garden, provide nutrition for your plants, scrub tiles and countertops, remove hairspray, and exfoliate dead skin.
  • Provides essential nutrients for your body that can be readily absorbed through your skin for healing, breathed in through a mister or vaporizer for respiratory relief, or taken with water as a laxative.
  • Pharmaceutical grade. Available in 3, 5, 10, and 19.75 lb. packages.

Details: Epsom salt often gets dismissed as a traveling salesman’s tonic like snake oil and firewater, but its healing effects have been documented for centuries, and Milliard has it for you to try for yourself!

Salty Comeback
So, what does Epsom salt do? Traditionally, it’s a bath salt that’s used to relieve pain and inflammation, but scientifically, it’s also known as magnesium sulfate, which contains healthy and healing minerals for your body. Magnesium is an essential catalyst for your body’s metabolism that’s readily absorbed through your skin and used in chemical activities, like the production of ATP, which cells use for energy, and serotonin, which reduces anxiety and elevates your mood. A 20-minute soak in a bath with two cups of Epsom salt can leave you feeling restful and revitalized after a long day.

Magnesium Sulfate Is Great!
The sulfur in Epsom salt draws out toxins from your body through your skin and enhances the absorption of nutrients to replace them, but if you’re not in the mood for a bath, Epsom salt is great for other things as well. Pour a thin line of Epsom salt around your garden to keep slugs out. Mix a little Epsom salt with dish detergent as a boost to your favorite kitchen cleanser. Use it to fertilize potted plants, mix it with your favorite hair conditioner for a boost in volume, and even draw out splinters with Epsom salt and water!

Old Salt, New Solutions
Did you know Epsom salt isn’t actually a salt. Its name comes from the salt-shaped crystals formed from natural magnesium sulfate deposits originally discovered in the Epsom spring of Surrey, England. It’s an all-natural, but potent health remedy that heals cuts and bruises, treats foot odor and toenail fungus, eases breathing in asthmatics with a vaporizer, relieves constipation, alleviates migraine headaches, and improves blood circulation. Is there anything it can’t do? Find out for yourself and add Milliard Epsom Salt to your shopping cart!

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