MICRO ESSENTIAL 270-7.00 Buffer Capsules, pH 7.0


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Brand: MicroEssential


  • Hydrion Buffer Chemvelopes are available in the following pH values: [2.0][3.0][4.0][5.0][6.0][6.4][6.86][7.0][7.4][8.0][9.0][9.18][10.0][11.0][12.0].
  • Each carton contains five Chemvelopes
  • Empty the contents of a pre-weighed Buffer Salt foil package into 500 ml. of de-ionized or distilled water

Details: 2.00 Hydrion Buffer Chemvelopes produce 500ml of 2.00 pH Buffer Standard solution when dissolved in distilled water. Chemvelopes are made of a triple protective foil consisting of aluminum, polyethylene and paper which keeps the Hydrion Buffers dry and free-flowing.


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