Kava Kava Extract Powder, 30% Kavalactones Extract 2 Oz / 57 gr



Brand: Samsara Herbs

  • KAVA POWDER! EASY to use (Scoop, Mix, Drink) – Instant Kava Powder! No Straining or Preparation Needed!
  • 30% Kavalactones – Highest Strength Extract – Small Dose Needed (Amazing Value)!
  • NON-GMO Kava Extract (Grown and processed without pesticides or chemicals)
  • Kava Kava Sourced from Fiji
  • 100% Kava Kava Root Extract

Samsara Herbs Kava Kava Root Extract Powder

What is Kava Kava Extract Powder?
The origins of Kava Kava are found in the South Pacific islands where its history of use dates back for centuries. Arguably the epitome of a calming & relaxing herb. Able to promote deep sleep without negatively affecting REM sleep. Kava Kava is excellent for those experiencing stress & restlessness.

Our water soluble, premium grade Kava Kava powder is made from fresh Non-GMO Kava Kava and is ground to an 80 mesh powder for maximum absorption and allows for a smooth easy mix.

Why Samsara Herbs?
At Samsara Herbs we source the highest quality herbal extracts from around the world. Our goal has always been to provide high quality concentrated herbal extracts that can have a real transformative impact on peoples lives.

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