Formalin 10% Neutral Buffered 1 gallon



Brand: CeilBlue


  • Maximum capacity 10% neutral buffer to help retain cell morphology or tissue integrity
  • Complies with EPA regulations – guarantees worry-free handling, storage, distribution to other containers, and exposure
  • Preserve nuclear and cyto-plasimic components of specimens
  • Disinfecting capabilities that can help clean specimens
  • Zinc Formalin for superior formalin option with pleasant aroma

Details: Premium Formalin – Extend the life of lab specimens throughout the entire histological process with formalin products from CeilBlue. Eliminate concerns around handling, exposure from prolonged periods, or the amount allowed to be stored in the lab. With other brands of formalin, the EPA regulates the amount used within a closed facility, but with the Neutral Buffered Formalin and Zinc Fomralin options available, never worry again. The EPA compliant formalin eliminates the need to constantly reference MSDS and safety sheets and takes care of all tissue specimen preservation needs.


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