FiberCapital Fumed Silica Thickener – Hydrophobic Fishing Fly Floatant – 1 Gallon



Brand: FiberCapital

  • PURE FUMED SILICA – Create powerful adhesives and sealants with our fumed silica thickener! This thixotropic agent helps increase bulk density and control the viscosity of epoxy systems.
  • UNIVERSAL THICKENER – Our fumed silica thickening agent can be used with a wide range of substances. Aside from epoxy, polyester, and fiberglass resins, it is also a good filler for paints.
  • ADDS STRENGTH – Mixing fumed silica powder helps provide anti-sag, anti-settling, and anti-corrosive features to epoxy coatings. It also significantly improves shelf life and mechanical performance.
  • FLY FISHING FLOATANT – Our fumed silica pack is a great choice for your fly fishing lures. As a floatant, its hydrophobic properties keep the lure above water, enticing fish below the surface.
  • VERSATILE AGENT – No complicated mixing procedures needed, our fumed silica thickener easily blends with a wide range of liquids. Make sure to use protective gear to avoid accidental inhalation.

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