Cupuacu Butter Refined (16 oz)




  • Cupuacu butter has high water absorption to aid in moisturazation of skin, hair and lip products.
  • High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are needed for healthy looking skin and hair.
  • Plant ingredient suitable for green, natural or vegan products; could serve as a replacement for Lanolin in vegan formulas. This butter is hard, but hardness works especially well in homemade lotion bars or any other solid DIY skin care products.
  • Great addition for all your DIY cosmetics such as body butter, lip balm and any face, body or hair care products.
  • Comes in a convenient re-usable, microwable, freezable container. Easy to use, easy to store.

Legal Disclaimer: For external use only

Details: Cupuacu butter is pressed from the seeds of trees that are native to the Amazon forest. These trees grow in the wild (there is no commercial farms of Cupuacu anywhere yet) and drop their fruits on the ground/rivers where native women pick them up during tropical rainy season and its seeds are cleaned from the husk and inner partitions (refined) and then cold pressed to be changed into a soft and moisturizing butter. Cupuacu butter is similar to cocoa, but without the caffeine content. Creamy, emollient and softer than cocoa butter, it, still, is solid at room temperature. The butter is known to local tribes as a beneficial remedy for dry and damaged skin and hair. High water absorption capacity of Cupuacu makes this butter a great moisturizer promoting deep, long lasting hydration of the skin and hair. Recommended for dry and cracked skin, mature and aging skin, lip care, hair care and more

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