Cobalt(III) Fluoride Anhydrous, 99%, 25g

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  • Packaged in clear HDPE bottle

Details: Cobalt(III) Fluoride Anhydrous, 99%, 25g For Research & Development Not for drug, clinical use in humans, for food or food additive use Certificate of Analysis: Appearance (Color) Light brown Appearance (Form) Powder ICP Assay Confirms cobalt component X-Ray Diffraction Conforms to standard pattern Gravimetric assay 48.5-52.5% as Co (with a-Nitroso-b-naphthol) Titration 48.5-52.5% as Co (complex metric) Suitability as a fluorinating agent in chemical reactions passes test CAS: 10026-18-3 FORMULA: CoF3


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