Cetyl Alcohol 16 Oz



Color: white

  • INCI name: Cetyl Alcohol. Plant derived ingredient that could be suitable for natural, green and vegan formulations (DIY cosmetics such as body butters, sugar scrub or any skin, hair and body care products).
  • This fatty alcohol could increase moisturization properties of your homemade lotions, cremes, balms and ointments. It’s widely used in making hair care products ( such as conditioners and hair masks) to give luxurious feel and look to a products and to aid in the rinse off. Combine it with other fatty ingredients (cetearyl, stearyl alcohol) and plant waxes (rice bran, jojoba) to achieve different feel and textures of your final homemade products.
  • It serves as an oil phase (all oily ingredients together) thickener, solidifier and co-emulsifier (helper of an emulsifying wax). Enhances performance of your emulsifiers; stabilizes emulsion (keeps oil and water from separating in your DIY body butter, sugar scrub, creme or lotion). Great ingredient if you are making cosmetics yourself.
  • To incorporate into your DIY cosmetics products: combine together with your other oils, butters (kokum, mango, cocoa, moringa, argan, cupuacu) and waxes (carnauba, candelilla, sunflower) and heat up while stirring until everything is melted and uniform. Then follow your recipe. Melting temperature of this wax is 113ºF-122ºF (45º-50ºC).

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