C60 in Olive Oil, Carbon 60 Supplement in Amber Glass Lab Bottles, Organic 100ml 99.9%



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  • OUR CARBON 60 OLIVE OIL IS HELD TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS It’s tested for purity and quality shown in the CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS. We use Lab Tested Mission Variety, High Polyphenol (antioxidant) Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Like our powder, we test our olive oil to ensure it is high in polyphenols. Only using the best ingredients means using Non GMO EVOO verified by the NORTH AMERICAN OLIVE OIL ASSOCIATION.
  • C60 OIL is currently being investigated by drug manufacturers as a dietary supplement for health related benefits.
  • C 60 FULLERENE STUDY PERFORMED IN 2011 BY FATHI MOUSSA found that consumption on this molecule extended life span of mice up to 90%. This sparked curiosity and further testing for potential benefits for human consumption and its hopeful that it will be considered the modern day fountain of youth.
  • CARBON 60 ALSO KNOWN AS CARBON C60 OR C 60 OR FULLERENE C60 olive oil is recommended to be stored in a cool dark place with lid secure to maintain freshness while maximizing shelf life and potency as light, heat and extended exposure to oxygen can degrade oils.
  • C60 FULLERENE is Solvent Free Research Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 99.9% Ultra Pure Nitrogen Vacuum Oven Dried Carbon 60 which prevents oxidization. Oxidation causes the breakdown of pure Carbon 60 into other unknown and untested compounds. Our C60 is then mixed in total darkness for two full weeks, then vacuum filtered oven dried. The entire process is done in the dark in sealed containers to protect the oil from degradation, as it is light & Oxygen sensitive to ensure the most pure formula.

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