AztroGrit Aluminum Oxide Powder – 1 Micron (avg Size); 250 gm


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Brand: AztroGrit

  • Made in USA. Ultra-fine, high purity (>99.7%) white Aluminum Oxide Powder – 1 micron (average particle size)
  • High purity (result of our special manufacturing process) and ultra fine powder allows microdermabrasion, exfoliation, precision polishing and lapping a reality.
  • **DENTAL INDUSTRY APPROVED**. In-house special manufacturing process allows easy dispersibility in creams / cleansers and its use in dental industry.
  • Aztrogrit high-purity ultra-fine powder is being used as a (micro) abrasive in dental industry. Aztrogrit Aluminum Oxide 5 microns has shown precise micro abrasion control with exponentially better results than 5 microns, 27 microns, 50 microns or 100 microns particles. Can be also used for arts and cosmetics, and / or for etching of metal / glass, sharpen knives.
  • Resealable and moisture-protecting stand up pouch allows you to use as much as needed.


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