Aluminum Powder 5 Micron – 2.2 Pounds



Brand: Mineral Dojo

  • HIGH-GRADE, FINE ALUMINUM POWDER: Works great for reactions and other weekend hobbies.
  • WEEKEND HOBBIES OR EXPERIMENTS: An affordable way to add excitement to weekend hobbies or to explore science experiments with aluminum.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY VERSUS BUYING FROM STORE: Comes in a heavy-weight bag. Easy to store or to add to other minerals for experiments, painting, decorating, or games
  • MIX WITH PAINTS TO GET A VIBRANT METALLIC COLOR: Or add to makeup or other mixes as an effective, fast colorant.

There are thousands of Aluminum Powder uses:

  • Add a brilliant silver color to any paint or coating.
  • Add to makeup or face paint for a metallic sheen.
  • Weekend hobbies or science experiemnts

Please read the e-book for other popular uses for Aluminum Powder!

Safety Precautions

Aluminum powder and pigments have no associated toxicity and if handled correctly do not have any harmful effects. However, it is important to handle with care and to follow these general guidelines:

  1. Do not store in areas where there are flammable liquids or other combustible materials.
  2. Keep the bag sealed at all times and store in a dry place.
  3. Use gloves and eye protection when handling aluminum powder.

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