Aluminum Oxide Powder, 5 microns (avg size), 250 gm


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Brand: AztroGrit

  • Made in USA. Ultra-fine, high purity (>99.7%) white Aluminum Oxide Powder – 5 microns (average particle size)
  • High purity (result of our special manufacturing process) and ultra fine powder allows microdermabrasion, exfoliation, precision polishing and lapping a reality.
  • Specially processed for easy dispersibility in creams / cleansers
  • Can be used for arts and cosmetics, as an abrasive and / or for etching of metal / glass, sharpen knives
  • Resealable stand up pouch allows you to use as much as needed.

Free flowing, High Purity, white Aluminum Oxide Powder
5 microns (average size)
Knoop Hardness: >2000
Mohs Hardness – 9
Particle Shape: Blocky

Used in art and cosmetics, microdermabrasion and exfoliation, metal inlay, as strop abrasive to sharpen knives, for cutting, etching, polishing, lapping metals, glass, stone, wood, optics, steel hardening, and more.

Microdermabrasion / Manual exfoliation: Mix with cream/cleanser
Sand blasting: Follow the directions of the equipment manufacturer. Can be reused (for sand blasting).
Polishing Paste: Always mix water to make a suspension of desired viscosity and polish away.

Made in the USA

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