100% PURE Aluminum Sulfate, DRY ALUM CAS# 16828-12-9



Brand: FDC

  • Use it as a Mordant: A mordant is a substance like Aluminum Sulfate, that combines with a dye or stain and thereby fixes it in a material. This will also help the dye from fading or washing out.
  • Use it as a Flocculant: Flocculation is the process by which fine particulates are caused to clump together into a floc. This can help clean ponds, pools and help with pollution and wastewater treatment centers
  • Controls and prevents algae by dramatically decreasing phosphate levels in the water. Phospherous is food for algae and helps them grow and spread. Aluminum Sulfate will help maintain a clear pool or pond that has an algae problem without harming fish.
  • Helps purify water to remove impurities by helping them clump together and fall to the bottom of the container. The impurities are removed when the water is filtered and Aluminum Sulfate makes it easier to filter out.
  • Dry Alum is highly acidic and also used to balance the pH in the soil for acid loving plants, and can also be used as a garden fertilizer or a pool pH reducer.

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